Our lab studies environmentally-switched protein/protein interaction domains about their natural regulation and understand how to artificially control them in vitro and in living cells. This is exemplified by our work on photosensors, parts of the hypoxia response, and others.

Feb 2020: The website is being refreshed after a bit too long! Take a look here to learn a bit more about our work at the Structural Biology Initiative of the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center. Kevin directs this initiative, which catalyzes collaborations among biological and physical scientists in the ASRC and elsewhere in the CUNY system.

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for August 6, 2020, as found in J Braam and RW Davis, Cell 60(1990): 357:

"(figure legend, on using Northern blots to detect changes in plant gene expression due to various stimuli, including): MOVE: a pot of plants was carefully picked up and moved approximately 3ft; MUSIC: plants were exposed to Talking Heads musics at approximately 60 decibels for 1 min."