Our lab studies environmentally-switched protein/protein interaction domains about their natural regulation and understand how to artificially control them in vitro and in living cells. This is exemplified by our work on photosensors, parts of the hypoxia response, and others.

April 2018: Welcome to new lab members Roksana Asad, Matt Cleere and Xingjian Xu, joining us at the Structural Biology Initiative of the CUNY Advanced Science Research Center. Kevin directs this new initiative, which will catalyze collaborations among biological and physical scientists in the ASRC and elsewhere in the CUNY system.

Please find me by email with any questions or comments - Kevin Gardner kglab.org

for July 19, 2018, as found in Isadore Nabi (pseudonym!), Nature 290(1981): 183:

"It was with considerable surprise and no little confusion that I read Richard Dawkins' letter on genetic determination (Nature 12 Feb 1981, p. 528). In his commendable desire to dissociate himself from the National Front, he has left me totally perplexed about his actual views of the relation between genotype and phenotype."