Sept 2014 - ICP: Lab member Giomar Rivera-Cancel presented her structural and functional studies of a full-length light-activated histidine kinase at the 16th International Congress on Photobiology (meeting website).

Dec 2014 - ASCB: In an ASCB subgroup meeting comparing optogenetic and chemically-driven protein reagents, Kevin discussed the lab's efforts to engineer photoreceptors for use in a range of heterologous settings and applications (meeting website).

Mar 2015 - Keystone Optogenetics: The first Keystone Optogenetics meeting was held in Denver, Mar 12-16, 2015. Lab member Laura Motta-Mena presented a poster and Kevin spoke on recent lab developments, including application of EL222 to drive transcription in diverse eukaryotic systems (meeting website).

for May 24, 2017, as found in AB Ward et al., Science 339 (2013): 913:

"Any experimental observation can in principle be converted into a restraint for building ever more complex (structural) models. The reach and impact of structural biology can thus be extended to a wider and more diverse audience. Using these new computational and bioinformatics approaches to collect and integrate diverse pieces of structural and experimental data, Humpty Dumpty can be put back together again."